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A perfect synthesis of design, ergonomics and technology.

TOP is the high-entry cash register designed for customers extremely attentive to the performance and aesthetics of the product.

From the choice of materials to modern colors, from the  advanced electronic to the wide connectivity, there are numerous benefits that make TOP exclusive: it fits perfectly in the most diverse sale environments, where a product with high performance is needed.

With the Ethernet version, you can monitor all the activities of the cash point, updating logos and promotional graphics quickly and easily, all from any mobile device. 

The internet connectivity enables the automatic sending of email to send reports, tax, sales, and statistics, as well as offering a wide range of services.

As with all products Ditron, TOP is designed with a view to focus on the impact on the environment and energy saving.

The Ethernet version can be requested as standard or made ​​with an optional adapter for peripheral ports.

Basic functions

Departments 40 programmable, 16 direct from keyboard
PLU 1000 programmable, up to 60.000 (expandable RAM*)
Groups 5 programmables
Operators 15 programmables, managed by keyboard or chip card
Foreign currency 4 programmable
VAT rate 4 programmables + 1 no taxable status
Accounting functions paid-out, deposit, receipt in account, invoice on internal printer, receipt or invoice on external printer*, refund
Receipt closing 10 tenders (credit, check, credit card, cash), 10 programmable sub-tenders
Generic functions % discount, discount in value, refund, correction of previous transaction, avoid of current receipt, price change, automatic change due, automatic real clock, banknote checker
Advanced functions Chip card for prepaid card*; customer card with printed barcode, offers management, automatic fiscal zeroing 
Graphics  Customizable advanced graphics on receipt via pc 
Driver and protocols

Driver for Windows XP,Vista/7,  Linux

Standard: POS for .net (UPOS), JavaPOS, OlePOS 

Protocols: Ditron and Xon/Xoff Sarema

(*) optional

Technical Features

Keyboard Compact, 60 keys. Programmable and customizable. Capacitive touch keys.
Operator Display Backlit LCD, 2 lines x 20 alphanumeric characters
Customer Display Backlit LCD, 2 lines x 20 alphanumeric characters, placed on a adjustable tilting panel
Printer Thermal print, 8dot/mm by 58mm, roll length 90m, high speed, easy loading, programmable automatic total or partial paper cutter, over 1.000.000 activations
Print speed 200 mm/sec
Electronic Journal Boxed
Banknot verifier banknote checker with LED

COM1 and COM2: Standard RS232 and COM3 Standard RS232 for Scanner, display, scale, Slip printer, Kitchen printer, Checkout scale or in COM1, USB or ETHERNET

ETHERNET version:

COM1:Ethernet for PC , Switch, router, WiFi adapter

COM2: Standard RS232 and COM3 Standard RS232 and Scanner, display, scale, Slip printer, Kitchen printer, Checkout scale 485, drawer

Power supply

230V (-15%, +10%)

Drawer: 24V


Integrated banknot checker
automatic cutter with auto-release
Capacitive keyboard with direct functions
Pw Plus
On Ethernet version: embedded Webserver and Driver

Free software available for your product: WinGenGra - Logo Management / ECRSetup - programming, backup, and restore the ECR from PC. Native drivers: WinEcrCom (Windows) and XDitron (Linux). Standard Driver: POS for .net (UPOS), JavaPOS, OlePOS. Protocols: XOn / XOff Ditron, XOn / XOff Sarema, Wedge Sweda. Ethernet version: ECRemote for all Android mobile devices.