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Standard Label Peeler

Standard Label Peeler

In addition to the "classic" solutions strictly related to weighing, Omega Bilance offers a different use of the printer.
In fact, the thermal printer, designed for scales can also be used as a label printer for labelling of various types of packaging.  According with all Omega-style products, the labels will be perfect for their ultimate use.


With our printers you can, effectively and efficiently, stock and manage items divided by codes in cartoon boxes. Perfect readability for the verification of the deliveries received, to record the arrival of the shipment, re-labeling of the boxes, management of maintenance documents, labels and tracing of important documents.


For those who require fast and practical labeling on products weighed and labeled on site. The labels perfectly adhere to the light and delicate film surface.


The labels for plastic surface are frequently used. Omega Bilance offers labels which guarantee clarity and perfect adhesion.


Metal boxes are less common, but in many product sectors they are indispensable for the protection of the product. Omega Bilance adhesives are excellent also for this type of material.