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SELF PAY KIOSK is the new family of innovative and versatile products, designed to ensure a new independent, interactive and engaging experience. Our intention is to comply with all needs, for this reason we have designed three different models but with a single goal: to facilitate the cash flow in the simplest and most intuitive way,  allowing clients to customize orders and payments. Here are: SPK-27, SPK-27C and SPK-15C. The SPK-27 and SPK-27C models are equipped with a 27 '' touchscreen monitor that is easy to use, even for less experienced customers, with integrated 2D scanner and printer. The SPK-15C, on the other hand, has an equally intuitive 15 '' monitor. The 3 configurations are different in terms of payment: only with EFTPOS device, credit card, or a system combined with EFTPOS and Safemoney Extreme for cash payment. In addition, there is a side shelf at SPK-27C and SPK-15C versions to improve the self payment experience. With the SELFPAY KIOSK the customer is autonomous in the payment and the shopkeeper can dedicate to other activities.