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SafeMoney PRO

SAFEmoney PRO is the new cash handling machine with a more compact design. It is the right compromise for the Point of Sale who wants to manage cash in a safe way with a simple but efficient product. Safe Money PRO can be easily built into any workbench, thanks to its compact size and simple design, without making any changes. It optimizes the cash payments, disposing of the queues at the cash desk, thanks to quantity acceptance system of coins and issuing automatically the change. The automatic cash handling machine eliminates the manual cash counting in opening and closing operations and at shift change. SafeMoney PRO eliminates the errors made by the operator giving the change and any cash shortages.
It Safely holds the cash thanks to the solid steel case and the option to fix it reducing the risk of thefts and robberies. It promotes greater hygiene in the point of sale, reducing contact with money. It is equipped with an ups which allows to complete each transaction even in the event of a power supply blackout. It is managed by a single driver. Its interface is user friendly for both the operator and the customer.



Maximum insertion speed

bulk coin insertion “smart coin system”

Accepted coins

from € 0,01 to € 2,00

Maximum delivery speed

up to 12 coins / sec

Capacity in recycle

1500 coins

Cashbox for coin storage

1.9 L


Insertion one by one
Accepted banknotes from € 5.00 to € 500.00
Maximum delivery speed 2 banknotes/sec.
Capacity in recycle up to 120 banknotes
Cashbox up to 500 banknotes
Loader n/a


Operator display 10" graphic touchscreen - rotation 30°
Connections ethernet
Power 100-240 Vac - 2A - 50/60Hz
backup power supply for completion of ongoing operation
Casing color: white
Dimensions (cm) W 37x D 33.7 x H63.8
Weight (kg) empty 40


On board management YES
Multiple installation management YES
Platform management YES through resful/API protocol YES
Inter. com. through protocol and le exchange, universal driver YES
Pre-set for management and control (diagnostics) via the Internet YES
On-site / online software update YES


Integrated fiscal printer


Installation plate


Customizable front panel (min. 4 pieces)