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SafeMoney Extreme

SAFEmoney is the ideal solution to ensure an accurate, efficient and safe money management at the point of sale without errors and guaranteeing it against the risk of thefts and robberies. The automatic drawer for money management renews the payment procedures improving the user experience of both the operator and the user. The store is equipped with an immediate and secure payment management system, with no more queues at the checkout. SAFEmoney allows mixed payments, through vouchers, card readers and cash. It can also be conveniently used for deposits, withdrawals (for example, when paying suppliers), and bills-changes. The product can be pleasantly customized, the front mask on which the logo and the graphics of the point of sale can be shown. Ditron design has committed itself to making the automatic drawer simple in interfacing with the main management software available on the market today, including XPOS PC, so that the operator can enjoy the product without any difficulty. The driver is unique for the whole range.

SAFEmoney Extreme has been designed to provide all the cash management capabilities. SAFEmoney Extreme is ideal for high affluence points of saletraffic points, to facilitate faster and safer sales transactions.
SAFEmoney Extreme is available both standalone and embedded (SAFEmoney Extreme Embedded).


The amount of cash in the drawer for the opening is reduced by 90%. Business times are optimised, labor costs are reduced and money shortages are drastically reduced as the BNR reduces the handling of money. This also promotes better hygiene, especially in those activities which include food management.


Profitability is generated by various sources including cash reductions, shortages of money, human labor, improved machine uptime, cash back functionality and improved user experience. The acceptance of all the denominations and the delivery of the change in bunches up to 15 banknotes is a plus that optimizes the cash operations. Safe Money Extreme performs flawlessly delivering the change, thanks to the use of individual recyclers, one for each denomination of coins.


Money is kept in a sealed box activated through the use of advanced recognition technologies. All cash transactions are optimised and simplified through the use of a single device. The funds are recorded electronically and stored in a single sealed cash boxes.

All the Pluses of the SafeMoney Extreme


Maximum insertion speed

bulk coin insertion “smart coin system”

Accepted coins

from € 0,01 to € 2,00

Maximum delivery speed

up to 6 coins / sec.

Capacity in recycle

3673 coins

Cashbox for coin storage



Insertion one by one
Accepted banknotes from € 5.00 to € 500.00
Maximum delivery speed up to 15 banknotes simultaneously (bulknote) - 1 banknote/3 sec
Capacity in recycle up to 180 banknotes
Cashbox up to 600 banknotes
Loader n/a


Operator display 10", graphic, touchscreen
Connections ethernet
Power 100-240 VAC - 2A - 50/60 Hz
backup power supply for completion of ongoing operation
Casing color: white
Dimensions (cm) W 56cm x D 46.5cm x H 59.2cm
Weight (kg) empty 70


On board management YES
Multiple installation management YES
Platform management YES through resful/API protocol YES
Inter. com. through protocol and le exchange, universal driver YES
Pre-set for management and control (diagnostics) via the Internet YES
On-site / online software update YES


Integrated fiscal printer


Installation plate


Customizable front panel (min. 4 pieces)