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Printer Linerless

Omega Bilance introduces the linerless project, and focuses its innovation on technological efficiency, great economic benefits and environmental impact. The linerless technology uses linerless rolls. The liner is the label holder produced with chemicals such as silicones used until now in the production of all articles related to professional labeling.  Through a special process, the adhesive is directly applied on the back of the surface of the thermal paper. By eliminating the liner, the new scales present an innumerable series of advantages. Different but equal, thick features and the same advantages, the difference is all in the usability of the product. On one side the linerless with the cutter for adhesives already cut on the otherside the linerless without cutter, for "tear-off" adhesives.

The LINERLESS printer is modular. It is integrated in various models of the Freestyle Advance and Extreme ranges. You can also upgrade a scale model, integrating the linerless module, with a simple firmware and software update.

Linerless Printer

Paper Linerless thermal adhesive paper
(without liner)
H max 60 mm- external diameter max 98 mm - internal 40 mm
Printable label length flexible
Print speed max 200 mm/s
Printing roller in knurled silicon rubber
display FSTN 108x58mm resolution 240x128 px or
white/black display TFT 5,7’’ 112x84mm high constrast resolution 320x240 px
Sensors end paper sensor, label exit sensor, sensor of jammed paper with immediate printer lock
Printer High resolution thermal head 2’
core roll: 25 and 40 mm
roll diameter: 90 mm
roll witgh min 58mm max 62mm
paper label position sensor (paper end/label alignment)
Dimensions 326x183x163 mm