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Compact VBA

Electronic counter scale with weight sensing by strain gauge load cell. Hardware with fast CPU and high processing capacity

Compact VBA

Capacity Multirange 12-30 Kg
Display TFT color, backlit LED, 5.7" graphics, for merchandise data, texts, stable or moving image
Keyboard 79 mechanical keys
PLU 36 direct PLU

(optional memory expansion up to 10.000 PLU)

22 direct operators

Printer External printing module for Label and receipt printing,

adhesive or non.

High resolution 3” thermal head

High resolution 3” thermal head

Printing size:

min: 56mm – max: 80mm

label lengh max: 80mm

PAper roll diameter max: 200mm

Roll core 76mm

Number of 80mm labels: 1500

Connections 1 Ethernet for PC or master-slave;

2 RS232 serials for PC, ECR and scanner

1 USB for firmware upgrade

1 port fo connetion to WRAPPING MACHINE


1 protected by metrological seal connection to

external weighing unit

Power Supply 230 Vca (+10%-15%)


Code Description