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Anywhere Anytime Anyway

Telematic intelligence is the distinctive feature of this product that integrates a high-performance printer, prepared for the telematic transmission of the correspondents: the printer can work both as a fiscal meter and as telematic recorder, with a simple activation procedure. From the point of view of connectability, IT-X can be interfaced with a backoffice software for warehouse management, departments, promotional engine, electronic invoicing and much more.

CPU imx6
Memory solid state
Operator Display 10.1" capacitive widescreen touch 1280x800px, led backlight - vertical adjustment
Customer Display 2x20 alphanumeric backlit LCD 7'' Graphic TFT display - vertical adjustment
Printer fiscal / telematic
thermal, 8dot/mm, roll diameter 80mm
printing speed 200 mm/sec
easy loading system
“Nearly end paper” and “end paper” sensors partial and total paper cutting
DGFE/Details memory: microSD
Connections 5 USB + 1 frontal USB
2 RS232 serial, 5V
1 ethernet
drawer - power supply
Power supply 24V 3A
Weight 2.5 Kg
Dimension (mm) 255(W) x 321(H) x 170(D)