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Checkout weighing system integrated in the existing cash point, with glass plate

OMEGA checkout solutions are integrated into the cash point in order to allow the sale of items by weight. This solution allows you to have greater control and safety than the self-service scales that are normally placed within the areas concerned.The H110 consists of a closed base, containing the load cell and an in-built bar code reader and the indicator module. The indicator module can be mounted on a column or with a table stand. A second indicator module can optionally be connected to the first to replicate the information.

CAPACITY Multirange 6 - 15 Kg
DIVISIONS N.  up to 6000

There are different configurations for the operator and / or customer display.

1.      4-line backlit LCD operator display with programming keys.

2.      4-line backlit LCD tower display with programming keys.

3.     Table stand display + tower display

SCANNER Datalogic Magellan 2300HS – 3300HSi

Adjustable guides for other scanner models.
Upper glass dimension: 138mm x 140mm

PLATE Glass plate for barcode scanning
CONNECTIONS 1 serial port RS232 fot PC, POS and ECR
POWER SUPPLY 9V DC - 2,7A100-240V with external  power supply or 12-24 DC/DC car adapter
DIMENSIONS 390,20 x 314 x 119,70 mm (W x D x H)