Project Description:

ECR low-entry


The MIRA model has always aroused immediate interest in the trade, as the smallest high performance ECR in the DITRON range and particularly suitable for the setting and needs of the street merchant market. Lighter than any equivalent model, the MIRA has an ergonomic design that allows a one-hand grip.

This small, practical ECR's many features include:

  • Easy-loading printer
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Quick recharge (with completely discharged batteries, max. 4 hours)
  • Charge level shown on display
  • Variable display brightness
  • SD electronic journal
  • Customizable graphics on receipt
  • USB port

    The elegant protective case (available as an accessory for a fee) provides for safe and easy transportation, with a handy pocket so you don't lose important documents such as the tax booklet and audit document.

Long-Life batteries

Equipped with state of the art lithium-ion batteries, the very functional and practical ECR can be recharged at a fixed electrical outlet or in a car, providing the ideal solution for anyone who works while "on the road".

Besides indicating the charge status while working on battery power, the machine is equipped with visual display devices (LEDs) that provide immediate information on the machine's status while charging and show the charge level on the operator's display. In fact, the MIRA has 2 LEDs on the operator side: the first indicates the presence of an external power supply (via fixed power line network or car power adapters), the second shows the machine's charging status for an increased charge (the LED blinks faster) and charge complete (the LED goes out). In addition, this model's electronic design has introduced auto-off functionality for when the machine is not in use, to optimize battery usage.

Tough keyboard, high-visibility display

Use of the high-quality membrane keyboard, guaranteed by the high MTBF value expressed in the product's testing phase, offers a high degree of stain resistance and blocks foreign matter from getting between the keys as in traditional keyboards.
Tailored for working also in outdoor settings, the product boasts an important new feature in its class: variable display contrast. By using the keyboard, the display's visibility can be adjusted to fit the environment where the machine is located.

Easy loading Printer

To replace the paper, just press a button, insert the roll into the opening and close the door. This feature eliminates jams and the issue of lengthening queues; the mechanism allows quick paper changes in a twinkling and with just one hand.

The choice of a transparent cover allows instant feedback on paper availability, so the user is warned on time against “paper low” in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and operability, especially in outdoor settings, where conditions of use vary and extra rolls are not always immediately available.

Push to push system for DGFE

The SD electronic journal is accessible from the outside with “push to push” mechanisms, greatly simplifying maintenance operations.


Thanks to the RS232 serial port and mini USB port , the user will benefit from a good connectivity and the chance of integration with various devices from electronic scales to scanners and PCs.

Basic functions

Departments 10 max, programmable
PLU 250 programmable
Groups 5 programmable
Operators 8
Foreign Currency 4
VAT rate 4 programmable plus no-taxable status
Accounting functions Withdraw, deposit, paid-out, receipt on account
Receipt closing 10 tenders (credit, cheques, cash, credit card, vouchers, 4 foreign currencies), 10 programmable sub-tenders
General functions %discount, value discount, refund, correction of previous transaction, avoid of current receipt, programmable price, surcharge, automatic change due,  real clock
Graphics Customizable advanced graphics on receipt via PC: logo, lottery, promotions, jolly
Drawer 9-12V DC
Driver Connection driver for Windows, OlePos

Technical Features

Keyboard Compact, 34 programmable macro functions keys
Operator Display Integrated alphanumerical LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters
 Customer Display Integrated alphanumerical LCD, 2 lines x 16 characters
Printer Thermal printer, 8 dots/mm
Print speed 75 mm/sec
Paper loading Easy-loading
Paper roll diameter max 50 mm
Paper roll width 58 mm (24 characters)
Electronic Journal SD card
Connections 1 USB (PC) - 1 standard RS232 (scale, barcode scanner)
Power supply

9 V DC with 2,7 Amp

Internal High-performance LI-ION rechargeable battery in case of power outage. To guarantee best battery performance, the machine will turn itself off if not used. Charge level shown on display

Dimensions 200 x 350 x 100 mm (D x W x H )
Weight 0.900 Kg