Project Description:

Telematic, Compact, Polyhedral

Telematic intelligence: infinite functions, in a single telematic ECR
Telematic: technology for the telematic transmission of the amounts due
Compact: minimal and ergonomic design
Polyhedral: adaptable to all sales contexts with different placements
Different Orientations: in addition to vertical positioning on the counter, IT-ONE can also be placed horizontally and on the wall thanks
to a mounting kit.

Customer Display
adjustable alphanumeric LCD 2x20 backlit display
attachable VFD 2x20 display for the printer available for horizontal and vertical orientation
thermal, 8dot/mm
roll diameter 80mm
print speed 220 mm/sec
easy loading
“paper low” and “paper end” sensors total and partial paper cutter
EJ internal
Keyboard mechanical 32 and 66 keys (6 programmable)
Connections 1 frontal USB - 1 microUSB
2 ports for keyboards and display
2 RS232 serial, 5V powered
1 Ethernet - WIFI (optional) - Jack for drawer
Power supply 24V 3A
Dimension (mm)
156 x 227 x 152 mm (WxDxH)