Project Description:



SCALE CAPACITY: Multi-range load 12/30 kg
PRINTER: High resolution 3” thermal head Paper width min. 56mm max. 80mm- roll diameter 120mm
OPERATOR INTERFACE 61 capacitive keys with 7” TFT touch with led back light

32 direct PLU – number PLU FREE

6 direct operators - number of operators 99

CUSTOMER DISPLAY VERSIONS -       7” TFT monitor with led backlight –resolution 800x480

-       10” TFT monitor with led backlight –resolution 800x480

CPU Dual lite ARM cortex A9 at 1.0 Ghz
CONNECTION USB (x4) – serial RS232 (x2) -  Ethernet (x1) - printer power
POWER 230Vca (+10%-15%) - battery back up
OPTIONAL Extra scale pan
COLOUR white