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The KIOSK provides self-service option helping to drive sales and accelerate customer flow in the store.

27-inch Digital Self-Order Kiosk

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the KS-5827 KIOSK features a high definition 27” PCAP touch screen and elegant, durable enclosure which provides well organized cable management system which prevents unwanted cable removal while performing maintenance or upgrades. KS-5827 is flexible for integrating wide variety of payment device options allowing the customer to choose the preferred payment option to experience easy, fast and personalized self ordering process.

Modular design

KS-5827 interactive kiosk is well suited for quick service, fast casual restaurant as well as retail stores. The Modular design  makes installation, maintenance and component replacement easy and convenient. The  available mounting options makes installation based on business needs, Kiosk offers floor-stand, wheels or wall mount for different commercial configuration, providing maximum felxibility.


– Modular design easy and convenient to maintain.
– Integration with wide variety of peripherals and devices.
– Provide flexibility to add future components and upgrades.
– Customized modifications as the color, the shape and the finish.