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INFO 02/2022: SUPREMA SMALL is the scale with column easy and handy

Dear customer,


Suprema Small now is available with dual display on column, ensuring greater visibility for both operator and customer. Suprema Small is a practical device because it is small in size.
It is the weight-price solution, particularly suitable for pastry shops and ice cream and for all those points of sale where products are sold by weight, without receipt printing or data storage need. It is also suitable for street vendors, at fairs and markets.

The technical specifications:

– multirange 6/15Kg – 2/5g,
– ABS casing
– internal battery
– resistant Easy Touch keyboard,
– 10 PLU with price,

– two backlit LCD display,
– 1 RS232
– color: WHITE (low version) ; DARK GREY (column version)

For your orders use

 OGSMALL for low version
OGSMALL-A for version with column



Ditron Srl