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ensure long lifespan of your SafeMoney by using the cleaning cards for the banknote detectors.

When and how to proceed with cleaning is shown below

We can provide special cards that allow to keep the device free of dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants in a safe and efficient way. These single use cards are designed to clean the internal contact points of the automatic cash handling machine.

There is no deadline within this operation must be done, you will evaluate yourself by noting a slight slowdown in incoming and outgoing banknotes.

There are 2 variables: time of use and place of installation of your SafeMoney. On average, however, the cleaning operation is advisable at least once every 2 months

The operation is really fast and the result is immediately noticeable. Banknotes will slide through the detector much faster.

The cards clean the heads and sensors which are on the surface of the SafeMoney banknote detector and the banknote transport mechanism.

Cleaning cards are available as:
Single Card (Code MPN069) and
in a Kit of 15 individually sealed cards (Code KN069)

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